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Information about Camas Washington

One of the great things about living in the Northwest is that you can choose to live in a great community that is just far enough away from a major city to get the smaller town “neighborhood” feel , yet has all of the conveniences. Camas Washington is only 20 miles from Portland, and yet it fits that description well.

Founded on the banks of the Columbia River and basically built around a large Georgia Pacific papermill, and with a fairly small population of around 15,000 or so, Camas definately has  a small town feel. The local high school calls themselves the “Papermakers”. That said, Camas has grown from that factory town image and now houses high tech businesses such as WaferTech and Sharp Microelectronics.

Because Camas is across the river in Washington from Portland, people often ask about accessibility. There are two bridges that access Protland from Camas, Interstate Bridge (I-5) and Interstate 205 ( Glenn Jackson Bridge).  

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How Camas Washington got its name…

The story behind the name “Camas” is actually rather interesting. It comes from the Camas Lilly, which is indiginous to the local area. The Camas Lilly grows from one to four feet in height and provide an amazing lilac to deep purple color to meadows, pastures and grassy areas in the local area.

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